Release Notes

v1.0.1 (2018-10-10)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a compatibility issue in Twisted between pika 0.12 and 1.0. (#97)

v1.0.0 (2018-10-10)

API Changes

  • The unused exchange parameter from the PublisherSession was removed (PR#56)
  • The setupRead API in the Twisted protocol has been removed and replaced with consume and cancel APIs which allow for multiple consumers with multiple callbacks (PR#72)
  • The name of the entry point is now used to identify the message type (PR#89)


  • Ensure proper TLS client cert checking with service_identity (PR#51)
  • Support Python 3.7 (PR#53)
  • Compatibility with Click 7.x (PR#86)
  • The complete set of valid severity levels is now available at fedora_messaging.api.SEVERITIES (PR#60)
  • A queue attribute is present on received messages with the name of the queue it arrived on (PR#65)
  • The wire format of fedora-messaging is now documented (PR#88)

Development Changes

  • Use towncrier to generate the release notes (PR#67)
  • Check that our dependencies have Free licenses (PR#68)
  • Test coverage is now at 97%.

Other Changes

  • The library is available in Fedora as fedora-messaging.


Many thanks to the contributors of bug reports, pull requests, and pull request reviews for this release:

  • Aurélien Bompard
  • Jeremy Cline
  • Michal Konečný
  • Sebastian Wojciechowski


API Changes


  • Configuration parsing failures now produce point to the line and column of the parsing error (#21).
  • fedora_messaging.message.Message now come with a set of standard accessors (#32).
  • Consumers can now specify whether a message should be re-queued when halting (#44).
  • An example consumer that prints to standard output now ships with fedora-messaging. It can be used by running fedora-messaging consume --callback="fedora_messaging.example:printer" (#40).
  • fedora_messaging.message.Message now have a severity associated with them (#48).

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue where invalid or missing configuration files resulted in a traceback rather than a formatted error message from the CLI (#21).
  • Client authentication with x509 now works with both the synchronous API and the Twisted API ( #29, #35).
  • fedora_messaging.api.publish() no longer raises a pika.exceptions.ChannelClosed exception. Instead, it raises a fedora_messaging.exceptions.ConnectionException (#31).
  • fedora_messaging.api.consume() is now documented to raise a ValueError when the callback isn’t callable (#47).

Development Features

  • The fedora-messaging code base is now compliant with the Black Python formatter and this is enforced with continuous integration.
  • Test coverage is moving up and to the right.

Many thanks to the contributors of bug reports, pull requests, and pull request reviews for this release:

  • Aurélien Bompard
  • Clement Verna
  • Ken Dreyer
  • Jeremy Cline
  • Miroslav Suchý
  • Patrick Uiterwijk
  • Sebastian Wojciechowski


The initial alpha release for fedora-messaging v1.0.0. The API is not expected to change significantly between this release and the final v1.0.0 release, but it may do so if serious flaws are discovered in it.